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FIT5083 | Wireless Network Design Report | Network Technologies

FIT5083 | Wireless Network Design Report | Network Technologies

ccA wireless network design report

  • You should supply the following information in response to the RFP:
  • Project requirements brief derived from Objectives and Scope of Work section of the RFP. A requirement brief is usually an itemized list of the client’s requirements derived from the ERP.
  • Wired-LAN, WLAN design for a typical floor, which includes the following information.
  1. Computer desktop layout plan with network topology for a typical floor level.
  2. Switch/Wireless Access Point location on a typical floor, vertical cable paths and lengths between the floors. Switch/Access Point functional specifications. Assume the floor to ceiling height as 3 meters approximately including the false ceiling.
  • Recommendation and justification of the structured cabling, AP distribution layer, backbone and media type to be used for a typical floor level and for the connection across the road to the existing LAN.
  • List of equipment and the wireless and wired cabling specifications.
  • You need to outline design rules for a computer LAN & WLAN network and describe it in detail. Your description should include:
    1. Detailed steps required in the network design process,
  1. methods used to form estimates of network performance for each access point taking into account the types of antennae and wireless protocol,
  2. An example of a basic sample design showing proposed floor plan, assumptions, justifications and calculations.
  3. Assumptions of backbone connectivity using wired/wireless media needs to be reported.
  • Write a report of maximum 3000 words, not including diagrams and pictures (you can write a good report in around 2000 words).


Description of Wireless LAN Design

The submission of the assignment will be in the form of a write-up with explanatory figures. The specifications are as follows.
A public transport company requires that its office building be connected over a local network. You have been asked to respond to the following excerpt from their RFP (request for proposals) in the newspaper:
About Return2Fender Transport Company
At present, the total number of office employee is 700 with 300 in Sydney, 200 in Melbourne and 100 each in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. Each office worker is provided with a multimedia desktop with wireless network connection. Owing to a business acquisition, the number of employees at Melbourne is expected to increase substantially.

Objectives and Scope of Work

The size of the Melbourne office Wireless LAN would increase from 200 to 800 stations; after three 4-storey buildings from across the road have been acquired for the additional office space, see Figure 1. The new buildings have not yet been wired for the LAN or WLAN. The buildings also needs to be connected to the existing LAN (from across the road).
It is envisaged that the three new building in Melbourne office would support a both wired & wireless networked office environment where each of the staff PC would be equipped with desktop video conferencing, VoIP alongside the usual business applications such as web, email, and regular office productivity packages. The network traffic generated by each user is estimated to vary between 15-20Mbps. The expected user activity pattern may be seen in Figure 2. A Wireless LAN needs to be designed, which can support the anticipated peak time data traffic.

Important note:

Please read the unit guide for assessment criteria and remember that if you do not understand your work, you will get minimum mark (ZERO).


You have to submit a soft copy of your work with the standard assignment format in Moodle (submission via email is not acceptable).
Use FIT standard report format. Report will be checked on turnitin for Plagiarism.


Your tutors will carry out an interview with each of you to assess your work. If you cannot explain your work or what you write in your report, you may get the lowest mark. This is to make sure that the work you submit is your own work.

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