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infs 5057|

INFS 5057| Project Management for IT Professionals | Project management

INFS 5057| Project Management for IT Professionals | Project management


This task is to be done individually.
Assignments will be returned to you within two to three weeks of submission.
Feedback on this assignment will be provided via a rubric which will be available on the course website.
Please read the assessment summary and assessment details sections of your course outline booklet carefully for further information relating to assessment in this course.


This assignment will enable you to improve your research and essay writing skills and gain an understanding of particular principles within Project Management.
It requires you to address a particular essay topic which relates to the field of Project Management. The topic is provided below.

Essay Topic

Discuss the impact of PRINCE2 on IT project performance. As part of your discussion you should address the following:
  • What issues adversely affect the usefulness of PRINCE2 and other project management frameworks in successfully delivering projects?
  • What existing or recommended PRINCE2 features would resolve these problems and issues?
You should use at least six suitable (maximum 12) external references to support your response.

Format and Style

  • Writing should be in conventional academic style using the UniSA Harvard referencing method.
  • Bullet lists and tables are acceptable where appropriate.
  • The essay is to be 1500 words in length, +/- 10%. Reference lists, tables and appendices are not to be included in the word count. Marks will be deducted for variance.
  • Your essay must be prepared as a single document in Microsoft Word format – which should then be converted to .pdf for submission purposes.
  • It is strongly recommended that you read the guide on ‘Essays’ to assist you with your writing (see L3: Student Learning Resources, Assignments, Essays’ in General Assessment Information).

Marking Criteria

The rubric that will be used when assessing your work will be available on the course website.
This task will assess completeness of the objectives listed below.
  • Relevance of content to the question;
  • Logic and support of the arguments presented;
  • Clarity of written expression;
  • Adequate presentation and format;
  • Correct spelling and grammar;
  • Adequate referencing with the use of the Harvard referencing system

Submission Instructions

The assignment MUST be submitted via Learnonline through the course website or via MyUniSA.
Include as part of your submission ONE .pdf document containing the essay.
Refer to your course outline for further information regarding extensions.
Late submissions will not be accepted for this course unless an extension has been approved by the course coordinator (see section on extensions in your course outline for further details). Late submissions that have not been approved will receive a mark of zero.

Important Notes:

  • DO NOT include the essay topic text in your submission.
  • Post any questions in relation to the assignment on the PMITP A2 Assignment – Individual Q&A Forum on the course website.

infs 5057|

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infs 5057|

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