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Quality Dimensions

I have decided to purchase a new tablet computer and am considering the latest Apple iPadPro. I have been an Apple user for the past six years. I have a MacBook, an iPhone and an older iPad, I know that the products are well constructed and I have never had a failure of any Apple product. I heard that Apple products are made in china by Foxcon and have seen the have seen the label saying Designed in California made in china, I have read that foxcon uses up to date quality control in their assembly plant.
I like the retina screen and fast processor in the iPadPro and also like the Apple the Apple Pencil that writes directly on the screen.
I am aware that there are Apple shops that can do authorized repairs but have heard that it can take a week to get the repair done.
I also read that this iPadPro is glued together inside an this makes it one of the most difficult to repair. I am thinking that another non Apple repairer would not be able to do any repairs on it, although they are usually do repairs in one day on other equipment.
I have read that the iPadPro will last for 8 hours between battery charges, so it will be convenient for me to get a full day of work done after charging.
Discuss the Dimensions of Quality of the Apple iPadPro from the information provided above.
  1. You are considering the purchase of a new washing machine. You are looking at the AEG range of machines at your local dealer. You notice that some machine have simple controls while others have a digital display with full microprocessor enabled automation. You like the idea of an automation machine but you are concerned that the microprocessor may fail. Some machines have a larger door that opens wide there is also a choice between a 5kg and 8kg machine.
You know that it is important that the door seal does not leak and have read that the AEG machine have a door seal that works well.
Question- Consider the above situation and using the quality dimensions’ concepts, discuss five quality considerations that you would make in deciding about your purchase and provide an example of each, related to a washing machine.10M
Cosmetics are products like face cream and make up that people use on their face.
A cosmetics manufacturer has instructions for mixing a batch of product. During the mixing of one of the bathes, one of the operators added 10ml instead of 5ml of one of the ingredients into the batch. She advised her supervisor who went to the Technical manager to ask what should be done. The Technical Manager decided that would not make any noticeable change to the product and it would be no danger to the user. He signed off on the variation and approved that the batch can be used.
Please discuss this incident from the point of view of quality, referring to one of the Quality Gurus
2question 10Marks.
 In the manufacture of cosmetic there is a method that must be followed to mix each for each product. Each product has a different set of steps to follow Suring the mixing. It is important that the correct mass of each ingredient is used and the temperature is correct during the mixing. You would like to be sure that each product is correctly made but it is impossible to check the quality of the finished product and you have to depend on the operator to  be sure that they add they follow the procedure correctly.
Please discuss the key quality management techniques that would apply to getting good quality product in this situation. You should refer the key message from each two of the Quality Gurus that apply to this situation.
Quality Standards – 10marks.
1.You have been sent by your employer to work on a construction site in Spain. As part of the safety equipment that you have been provided, you have been given a safety helmet to wear. You are concerned for your safety and have to decide if you can trust that the helmet will keep you safe.
Discuss how you can determine if the helmet should be safe and if you can trust that the one you are wearing has been manufactured correctly.

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